604 Street Legit Rules

Cars eligible to compete must be licenced and insured no permits. Run on pump gas or E85 , Cars that run on  Alcohol and Race Gas Only Not permitted .Cars racing in Competition must be equipped with DOT tires ,Mufflers and exhaust which must exit behind driver, Glass or Optic Armour windshield ,Working side windows ( Go up and down ) All lights must work , Signal,break ect. Working horn  .No decals permitted on body .Sponsor Decals permitted on windshield top ,Rear window ,Spoilers, wings and hood scoop .Two Front seats. Must be able to drive for 25 Kms non stop . No weight limits Throttle stops or delay boxes

Top Street Class Cars must be capable of running 11.99 or quicker . Top Street Shoot out will be run on a pro tree with a sportsman ladder. No changing dial in once eliminations start ,  No deep staging  Courtesy staging in effect.